History Background

         Shortly after the Second World War and the granting of Philippine Independence, the corporation was formed in October 1946 by a group of educationally minded-citizens, with an initial capital of Php 100,000.00, strongly decided to build an institution of learning that made them invulnerable amidst difficulties that come their way.

         In due time, they acquired a lot and constructed a modest two-storey building with complete library holdings and some laboratory equipment. Thus, on January 23, 1947 the institution was born and was officially called Northeastern Mindanao Colleges (NEMCO) upon the issuance of the Certificate of Registration and the approval of the institutional Articles of Incorporation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

         Atty. Reynaldo P. Honrado was appointed the first President of the institution. With him were twenty four (24) capable and pioneering teachers. The school opened the Civil Service Review classes on May 12, 1947 and on June 14, 1947 the Junior and Senior Teachers’ Examinations were conducted.

         Mr. Juanito A. Mendoza became the first School Director duly appointed in July 1947. The shool enrolled 966 new entrants until it increased enrolment to 1,074 the following school year. To accommodate the excess enrolment, private houses served as temporary classrooms – special mention goes to the houses of Mr. Vcente Revechoo and Dr. Naris Melendres.

         In 1948, Juan A. Rivera assumed as Dean of the College (the highest position in the school during that time) vice Mr. Mendoza who resigned for a new appointment in another school a year after, the complete Day Secondary Education was offered and given Government Recognition No. 480, Series of 1948.

         The fast pace of progress the school underwent, compelled not only to maintain the complete Elementary and Secondary Education, it also paved the way for opening of new courses for Normal Education, Liberal Arts, and Commerce.

         Government Recognition on the different program offering poured in. The Bachelor of Secondary Education as well as the Normal and Liberal Arts received Government Recognition No 290, Series of 1949, while the Secondary and Elementary Department received Government Recognition No 390, Series of 1950. Consequently, the Bachelor Science in Commerce was given Government Recognition No. 391, Series of 1950 with Management and Banking and Finance as fields of specialization. High School Evening classes were also opened in 1951.

         In 1952, the Hon. Jose O. Paloma took over the reins in management as the Second President of NEMCO until 1979. During his administration he facilitated the construction of a new building worth P100,000.00. The Bachelor of Arts curriculum was offered with major in English and Filipino which was granted Government Recognition No. 845, Series of 1953.

         But the work of fate was not always kind. In 1955, the institution was made to undergo a severe test by a destructive fire which leveled the institution to the ground. Many members of the educational community were shocked to learn that NEMCO was ablazed and gone.

         After the conflagration, the men behind the devastated institution began an intense period of meditations whether to continue their educational pursuits or just to cash-in or divide among themselves whatever assets were left. But Pres. Jose O. Paloma, whose persistence and determination was so strong, rallied behind the stockholders to rebuild the institution – thus, NEMCO was reborn.

         The once dire-razed P100,000 one-storey building was then replaced and additional edifices were erected to accommodate increased enrolment.

         In 1964, Typhoon Ining, internationally coded as Louise, lashed its fury on November 19 and heavily destroyed many parts of the school building. Classes came to a halt to give way to rehabilitation. The massive repair was spearheaded by Pres Jose O. Paloma whose sterling personality prompted the stockholders to dig deep into their pockets for additional investments while waiting for some better-meaning investors to come-until the capital of the corporation was increased to P3,000,000.00. New equipment, laboratory apparatuses, new library holdings were purchased to replace the devastated properties and reading materials.

         Graduate Studies leading to the Degree in Master of Arts n Education was then opened under Temporary Permit No. 158-R1, Series of 1966 on June 29, 1966 until it was granted Government Recognition No. 88, Series of 1967, On July 6, 1970, the Five-Year Night Secondary Program was granted Government Recognition No. 26, Series of 1970.

         In 1972, six (6) full-fledged Master of Arts students graduated. Mrs. Maxima S. Paloma, one of the pioneering graduates of the masters program, took over the Presidency of the institution in 1972. However, due to financial constraint to meet the increasing of the Graduates School ceased.

         After a respite for a year, in 1976, Chairman Emeritus Jose O. Paloma reassumed the school management for another four (4) years.

         From 1980-1999, NEMCO was under five (5) Presidents who shared remarkable changes in the management of the institution. Mr. Joselito S. Paloma, the eldest son of the Chairman Emeritus Paloma ascended as President from 1980-1984. He was then succeeded by his wife, Mrs. Leona M. Paloma who took charge of the school management from 1985-1987.